Sunday, February 22, 2015


Not entirely, but pretty much a fail this weekend. Yesterday (Saturday) I did NOTHING of a sit-down-be-quiet-and-mindful nature.

I had a moment in the afternoon when the kids were downstairs watching tele and Mr D was in the living room watching tele (it was the quiet time between outings) and I had a brief thought that I could take myself into the study and shut the door and sit cross legged and listen to my breath and do a body scan ... but then the thought passed and I found myself at the laundry sink scrubbing stains out of white shirts and shorts.

I realise I spend a lot of time doing housework and cooking.. and generally just 'pottering about' moving objects back to where they should be and wiping surfaces. Being a housewife in other words.

I wonder... can you do cross-legged-sitting-being-quiet-and-mindful when there is noisy stuff going on elsewhere in the house? That's going to have to be the case for me on the weekend unless I get up before everyone else (not likely) or do it late at night when the kids are in bed (don't know about that one).

Anyway today (Sunday) I did manage to sit myself down on the bedroom rug cross legged and listen to my breath and start with a bit of a body scan but by the time I got from my feet to ankles to calves to knees I sort of gave up... but I did sit and breath a bit at the start so it was something...

And I have been reading my first library book 'The Mindfulness Revolution' and it's good because it's short essays by different people. Really short - like 3-4 pages each. They are all very passionate and persuasive about the ability that we humans have to quiet our minds, but that we have to re-learn how to quiet the thoughts, sit in peace with no judgement on our thoughts.. that it takes time to get good at it...the last chapter I read had a 'mindful eating' exercise.

I'll shorten it massively but it went like this: Sit on the floor or in a chair, relaxed yet upright, have two grapes or raisins nearby. Close your eyes, breath, think about the grape's history, someone planting the seed, it growing with the help of soil, sun, rain, water, the humans that helped it along , picked it, wrapped it, loaded it on a truck, drove it to the supermarket where I bought it. Go massively into the story at each step of it's life (make up stories of each person that did each job, the farmers, their parents and their parents, the truck driver etc etc...).

Notice your feelings. "How do you feel? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, which is a really important point with mindfulness. All we do is find out what is true in this moment for us." Then pick up the grape and look at it as if you are a kid seeing a grape for the first time.."See if you can look at the grape with the curiosity and wonder a child brings to a first experience - that is mindfulness." Then eat it but slowly of course thinking about every step of the eating process.

Then do the entire same exercise start to finish with the second grape. And that, my friends, is mindful eating.


I just watched these two awesome short clips that a cyber buddy sent to me. This one and this one. I don't know who this dude Alan Watts is but he really really really really makes me want to learn how to quiet my mind.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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