Tuesday, February 17, 2015

False start..

I was excited about today because for the first time since the school term started (2 weeks ago) I had NO plans at all between 9am-3pm so I thought I could actually get some time to sit quietly and start trying to do some quiet contemplations (meditations??!! I don't know what it is!!!).

But then Mr 10 had a shocking night and morning and stayed home from school so I've not had the day to myself after all.

You see…?? This is the problem for us bloody busy mums (or any busy person for that matter)… actually getting quiet time to ourselves to spend time looking inward (or whatever the hell it is I'm trying to do??!!). I'm about to go to the supermarket then get the other boys from school then come home, deliver snacks, help with homework, chitchat, make dinner, take boy to Cubs, feed dinner, fold washing, tidy kitchen, get from Cubs, final update on website, settle boys into bed… by that time it will be 8.45pm and I won't feel like bloody meditating!!!!!

So anyway today I have managed to subscribe to a Mindfulness Newsletter which was kind of cool (not sure how I stumbled on this.. I am being swamped with suggestions and tips and ideas for how to get into this stuff..)

Anyway the first newsletter arrived straight away and it is called '5 techniques for a mindful day' and the intro says: Mindfulness is a natural human ability. It’s also something you can improve 
with practice. When you create ways in your day to slow down and be fully present, you can reconnect with this basic but transformative quality."

Ok bring it on! I want to create ways in my day to slow down and be present! I do! (I just printed the newsletter because it looks good and I want to refer to it on paper).

Technique One: takes 3-5 minutes and is about sitting and getting your posture right and relaxing.

Oooh these are good. I will try to stop and pause over the next 6 hours while I am busy...

Technique Two: takes 10-20 minutes and is about settling into a comfortable position and scanning your entire body slowly lingering on the different sensations as you go around each area..

Technique Three: is a 10 minute tea making ritual. Yes!!!!!! Slowly making a good cup of tea and being aware of every step, slowly being a part of it all even when the water is boiling just be with the water boiling!! Yes I love this!! and then sipping and really noticing the taste & sensation. I love this technique. 

Technique Four: takes 1-3 minutes and is a stress-busting technique which has you stopping, breathing, observing your thoughts and emotions. STOP, BREATH, OBSERVE, PROCEED. Nice.

Technique Five: is about when you're with others and mindfully listening, being fully present with another person…

AND I've just been on the library website and have reserved three books that have been recommended to me. 

1)The Mindfulness Revolution edited by Barry Boice (40 pieces by different people on how mindfulness works and how they've put it into practice in their lives).  

2) 10% Happier by Dan Harris. Blurb says "A spiritual book written for and by someone who would otherwise never read a spiritual book. A deadly serious and seriously funny look at mindfulness and meditation as the next big public health revolution"   
3) Mindfulness - an 8-week plan to finding peace. Blurb says "Oxford professor Mark Williams and award-wining journalist Danny Penman reveal the secrets to living a happier and less anxious, stressful, and exhausting life. Offers simple and straightforward forms of mindfulness meditation that can be done by anyone."

So it's a slow start but I am focussed and moving in the right direction. 

Love, Mrs D xxx

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