Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two sit-downs in one day!

I don't know if it's a coincidence but I managed to sit quietly with legs crossed TWICE today and I've had a ridiculously happy day!! I feel so proud of being sober, so in control of my parenting and housewife-ing, so on top of my online work and just really happy.

Must be a coincidence.

First sit down wasn't much. I woke at 6.50am and all the house was quiet which is rare (boys still asleep) so I thought 'this is an opportunity to do a morning meditation!' and jumped out of bed, popped a sweatshirt on and went down to the living room to sit cross legged on a cushion with my hands resting on my knees and my eyes shut. Lasted probably 5 minutes then needed to go to the loo so that was that.

I then had a super busy (and satisfyingly productive) morning and made plans for a busy afternoon but factored in a sit down after lunch. Sat back on the cushion on the living room floor in my position and closed my eyes.

I'm still not entirely sure what exactly I am meant to be doing, although I think it's about observing thoughts and trying to let them pass, notice them without judgement, bring attention back to the breath or a body scan. I did all of that. It was nice actually. Peaceful. I was aware that my mind was busy ('I should open the windows before I go out to let the flies out' and 'must measure the shelves before I go' and 'check the ingredients for the Drink of the Week before I go as well' were the types of thoughts I was having - boooooring.) Honestly it's amazing how boring my thoughts can be sometimes.

This second sit-down probably lasted more like 12 minutes.

I read in my book yesterday that 45 minutes is good. Well that's something to aim for (gulp).

I'm also being way more mindful during the day. I keep taking stock of where I am and what I'm doing. And really noticing what is happening around me, the sun, the movement of my car, the sound of the cicadas, the chatter of my boys. I'm definitely being more mindful in general and I'm super-happy today!

Still unsure if the two are related because there is nothing glaringly 'wrong' or tricky going on in my life right now, so maybe I'm just in an easier phase of life. We shall see. I'm going to persevere with it all though. I think I'm on to a good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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