Monday, March 30, 2015

Week Four Day 1

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

Shit's getting deep now. I lay in bed last night watching New Zealand lose the Cricket World Cup Final (boo hoo) and reading the book to find out what's on the cards for Week Four.

It's great. They are really getting inside my grey matter now, trying to help me unpick the picture of the world that my mind is constantly generating. They're trying to help me identify a three-step equation and distinguish between the three steps. 1) what a situation is 2) what my interpretation of the situation is and 3) what my reaction to the situation is.

The point being if I can be mindful of those three steps, and pull out and be fully aware of the middle one - the interpretation I am giving events - then I can take more control over the last bit, my reactions to things.

Because most of the time our interpretations aren't based on fact! They're a "propaganda stream" created by our minds, one where we attach meanings to situations based on things like past experiences and guesses about the future.

The authors say often we see the situation and our reactions to it quite clearly, but we are not consciously aware of how our interpretation of the situation is affecting the outcome for us. "We think that the situation itself aroused our feelings and emotions when, in fact, it was our interpretation of the scene that did this."

I think the trick is to become aware of the propaganda stream (interpretation) that our mind heads into BEFORE it starts to trip us up. Clear as mud?

So this week is about exposing my interpretations and seeing them for what they are. Apparently this weeks practices are going to enhance my ability to sense when my mind and body start turning toward the negative and self-attacking, and give me a powerful new tool to prevent them from gaining unstoppable momentum. Bring it on!

Twice a day I have to do the 8-minute Breath & Body meditation from last week (track 4 in the link above) followed immediately by the 8-minute Sounds & Thoughts meditation (track 5 - they say this one is the powerful new tool).

Twice a day I also have to do the 3-minute Breathing Space meditation either by listening to track 8 above or self-guided.

I set my alarm this morning and got up at 6.15am to have a mindful cup of tea and do the Breath & Body and Sounds and Thoughts meditations (ha ha see how things are developing for me!!) and then I did them both again at 2pm when I had a moment before school pick-up. I did a self-guided Breathing Space while I was standing at the stove cooking dinner (went through the 3 steps in about 1 minute but they say that's ok) and did it again just now while re-listening to their guided audio.

Tomorrow's alarm will be going off early again!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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