Monday, March 9, 2015

Week One Day 1

Ok so here is the link to the free meditation audio tracks that come with this book. As I wrote in my last post this first week of the 8-week plan involves;

1) a Raisin Meditation
2) Mindful Awareness of a Routine daily Activity
3) a Habit Releaser
4) the first Guided Meditation twice a day.

Week One's Guided Meditation is called 'Mindfulness of the Body and Breath'. As soon as I woke up this morning I got up and came down to the study to try and do this meditation. I managed to navigate to the page on this link on my iPad but when I hit the green 'Download' button I got a pop up message saying 'Safari Can't Download' or something. So then I hit the little blue arrow next to 'Meditation One' and up popped a little player screen and I hit play and it started! A nice man with an English accent started talking to me about how to sit. Exciting!

Then I heard a little boy get up and start talking to Mr D down in the bedroom but I pressed on with my eyes shut listening to the nice English man talking. But there was something wrong with this method of playing the audio on my iPad and it kept getting stuck and jumping back a few seconds, and stopping, and jumping back etc etc. Frustrating! So I gave up and then had a frustrated morning getting the kids ready for school. Grumpy mummy, whoops! Tried hard to relax and I wasn't too bad but I was definitely frustrated that I'd got off to a bad start.

Anyway fast forward to this afternoon and I've just had a chance to try again. First I did the Raisin Meditation which involves getting a raisin and taking a long time to ponder it and eat it. I'll try summarise.

Raisin Meditation:
1. Holding. Sit quietly and hold the raisin between fingers or in the palm of your hand. Look at it for 20-30 seconds like you've never seen it before. Feel the weight. Look for the shadow.
2. Seeing. Take time to really see the raisin. Explore every part of it, highlights, dark shadows, hollows, folds & ridges. 20-30 seconds.
3. Touching. Turn it over and explore it's texture. How does it feel? 20-30 seconds.
4. Smelling. Hold it beneath your nose, see what you notice. Does it have a scent or not? Let if fill your awareness. 20-30 seconds.
5. Placing. Take it to your mouth, notice that your arm knows what to do. Put it in noticing what your tongue does. Don't chew just explore the sensation of it on your tongue. Move it about without chewing. 20-30 seconds.
6. Chewing. Consciously take a bite and notice the effects on the object and in your mouth. Notice the taste as it is released. Feel the texture, continue to chew but don't swallow. 20-30 seconds.
7. Swallowing. Can you detect the first intention to swallow as it arises in your mind? Experience that before you swallow. Notice what the tongue does to prepare to swallow. Be conscious as you swallow. 20-30 seconds.
8. Aftereffects. Spend a few moments registering the aftermath. Is there an aftertaste? What does the absence of the raisin feel like? Do you want another? 20-30 seconds.
9. Now write down anything that you noticed while you were doing the practice.

I wrote: "Constantly analysed what I was doing. Mind wandered. Planned how I was going to write about it."

Being honest here!

Then I tried listening to the Guided Meditation using my phone and for some reason the phone audio player worked (not the green button to download, that didn't work, but just hitting the blue arrow and playing it through my phone worked A-ok). Sat on a chair and listened to the man guiding me and of course my mind wandered but I kept "gently escorting my thoughts back to the breath" as instructed. It's only 8 minutes long! So that was do-able and I'm going to do it again tonight before bed as it's meant to be 2 times a day and this mornings attempt was a failure.

My 'Mindful Awareness of a Routine Daily Activity' is going to be brushing my teeth. They say: Where is your mind when you are brushing your teeth? Pay careful attention to all the sensations.

And Week One's Habit Releaser is 'Changing Chairs'. They are telling me to make a deliberate choice to try another chair or alter the position of the chair I use. Could be at home, in a cafe or at work. I am going to do this at dinner with the boys. We always sit in the same seats. I'm going to mix it up every day!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. And the great thing about meditation is that it is not only soothing but a way of learning to notice and pay attention, invaluable for writers even if we think about writing during the meditation!

    I like this example of using found objects like a raisin, reminds me of what Francis Ponge wrote:
    "You have but to fix your attention on the first object to hand; you will see immediately that no-one has ever examined it, and that the most elementary things about it remain to be said. I propose the opening of trap-doors in [the] inner self, an invasion of qualities. Thus the best path to take is to consider all things as unknown...and begin again from the beginning. "