Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week One Day 2

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

First an update on yesterday. My 'Habit Releaser' is Changing Chairs (see previous post for instructions) and so when I set the table for dinner I moved us to the other end we don't normally sit around and I sat with my back to the wall which I don't normally do.

My second attempt at the Guided Meditation was cut short so it was a bit of a failure. I tried to do it while Mr D went downstairs to kiss the boys good night, and I thought he would definitely take 8 minutes - what with all the chatter that usually goes on - but he came up again in about 2 minutes! So I quickly turned it off so he didn't know what I was doing. I think I'm going to have to get over my embarrassment (die-hard beliefs that meditation is somehow ridiculous and for crazy hippies) and tell him next time what I'm doing so that he doesn't come near me for the allotted time. And shut the study door.

Then last night I was halfway through brushing my teeth when I remembered this was supposed to be my 'Mindful Awareness of a Routine Daily Activity'!! So I slowed down and did the second half of my brush concentrating on the sensations.


Anyway this morning was the start of a new day! I woke early and got up to do my first 8-minute Guided Meditation alone in the study. No-one came in and it was a lovely start to the day.

When I brushed my teeth I remembered to do it mindfully and concentrated on the sensations!

A couple of hours ago I did the Raisin Meditation again (see previous post for instructions) and this time afterwards I wrote: "Mind wandered. Tried not to judge. Raisin felt much bigger in my mouth than when it was in my hand - some grooves felt really deep under my tongue."

And just now I did my second listen of the 8-minute Guided Meditation! Yay for me! My mind does wander a lot but I'm trying not to judge that, just notice and bring my attention back to the breath. Honestly - my attention stays on the breath for only a moment before my mind wanders again. And then I bring it back to the breath. It's almost as though as soon as I stop thinking and just concentrate on the breath my brain freaks out and starts thinking again! Boy does it need some retraining.

Luckily that is exactly what I am doing....

So to complete today successfully all I need to do is change chairs at dinner time again, and remember to mindfully brush my teeth tonight.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. So refreshing! I'm enjoying tagging along on your journey within.❤