Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week One Day 5

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

I changed position for my Guided Meditation this morning! Oooohhh how exciting that was (simple pleasures)! I actually think it was a good idea because when guru Mark told me to "pay attention to the sensations where the body comes into contact with whatever is supporting it" I had a bunch of different sensations for the first time this week. (Until now I've been in the same computer chair, today I lay on the bed).

Did the Raisin Meditation and afterwards wrote "Mind wandered. Thought about what the raisin had been before it became a raisin and who looked after it."

But honestly my mind still wanders a lot in both these activities.

I didn't manage a second listen to the Guided Meditation unfortunately but I did find myself consciously bringing myself back to the present moment a few times in the afternoon. At school waiting for the bell to ring, walking on the football field back to the car, driving.

It was quite fun and I've still got this crazy idea that mindfulness is somehow rebellious and cool. Blocking out everything in your head kind of feels like telling 'normal life' to go shove it. What freedom! Peace-ing out in your brain for a second is such a great, fun concept.

Remembered to concentrate on feeling all the sensations when I brushed my teeth (that's the Mindful Awareness of a Routine Daily Activity) but dinner was on the sofa so it wasn't really a Habit Releaser as such.

Still though, I feel committed to this challenge and excited about where it might take me.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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