Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week One Day 6

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

I've started getting exciting about what is going to change in Week Two!

Today I did two listens of the Guided Meditation. First time was first thing in the morning and honestly I don't think I'd given myself enough time to wake up (was in a hurry to get it done before the kids woke up).. so I was at least a third of the way through before I had come to full consciousness. But it went ok. Second time was in the afternoon and I went into the bedroom and shut the door, lay down on a rug on the floor and listened to my friend Mark guide me through some mindfulness of body and breath. He's so nice.

Feel proud that I did it twice as instructed but still find it very hard to keep my mind focused on the breath. I'm all over the show with my thinking.

Trying not to judge. Just observing what is happening with my thoughts.

Didn't do the Raisin Meditation unfortunately. But did mindfully brush my teeth (and told Mr D all about the mindful teeth brushing when he laughed at the look on my face when I had my eyes shut concentrating on my brushing, not sure what he made of it! I said the trick is to try and not let your mind wander - just stay totally focused on the tooth brushing). 

Definitely managed the Habit Releaser today - which for me this week has been changing the chair I sit at for my evening meal. It was easy tonight because we were at friends house!!

Last day of these mindful activities and then I move onto Week Two...

Bring it on.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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