Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week One Day 7

So much for following their 8-week course to the letter. Today I did something a little different. I set my alarm for 5.45am and got up to check in with Living Sober. There were a bunch of us that had organised to do a 'group meditation thingy' at 6am. So fun!

When I got to my computer it was about 8 mins to 6am and there were some overseas members worried that they'd figured the time-zone wrong and had missed our group session.

But no, us kiwis all came online and 'checked in' with each other. I announced that I wasn't going to do the 20 minutes in silence. Yes, we'd agreed to do 20 BLOODY MINUTES!! I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on the breath for that long, I can barely do it for the 8 minute Guided Meditations I've been listening to this week. So I decided to look for a Tara Brach guided meditation and I found one in her 2011 archive called 'Being Here' which was 23 minutes long.

I shared that link up on the site in case anyone else wanted to do it that way. Then I lay a rug on the study floor and put a cushion down for my head. Then I lay down and put another blanket over me and hit play on Tara's podcast.

It was lovely. Similar but different to the Mark Williams one's I've been listening to. But really, really nice.

And it was really, really, really, really nice knowing that there were a bunch of Living Sober members doing a similar thing to me at the same time!

The power of community! Even online we can reach into each others lives and bring positive benefits.

I even felt a big surge of love at one point thinking about the others and how lovely it was that we are connected in this way. All trying to make the best of ourselves. All daring to 'go inward' and look to find peace in our minds and our lives.

After the 20 mins was up we all checked back in on the site and updated on how we'd gone. It was so cute and fun and will become a regular occurrence I think. Every Sunday at 6am.

So I didn't do any of the book's stuff today. I will read up tonight about what is in store for me in Week Two. Presumably it will be a new Habit Releaser and a new routine daily activity to be mindful during and a new Raisin-type meditation and definitely number two of the free audio guided meditations. Exciting to move to the next step!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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