Monday, March 23, 2015

Week Three Whoop! Day 1

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

So I sat down last night with the book to read all about what was going to be required of me in Week Three and I instantly got hit with all these annoyed, over-it, can't be bothered, novelty has worn off thoughts. I just thought to myself how annoying it was going to be to make time every day to do this dumb meditation stuff.... It's hard to fit it in, I thought. Annoying, I thought.

Maybe the problem is that I was trying to watch Vikings with Mr D at the same time (love that programme!). Or maybe it was because I'd had a day of feeling slightly wound up and wasn't in the mood to sit and reflect (or even think & plan about how I was going to sit and reflect in the week ahead).

But I was also hyper-aware that I was having these annoyed, over-it, can't be bothered, novelty has worn off thoughts, and aware that they were negative thoughts, and aware that I shouldn't pay too much heed to them or let them rule the way. So was I being mindful by recognising those negative thoughts, being aware of them, observing them but not letting them stop me from moving ahead with this course...??

In the introduction to the Week Three chapter, the authors of this book say; "Negative spirals are incredibly powerful, you can begin to dissipate them just be becoming aware of them. The simple act of turning toward and observing them helps to dissolve such patterns."

Well ok then.

So what is the plan for Week Three? Apparently Weeks One and Two have been about introducing ways in which I can stabilise my mind and focus my attention. Week Three takes this enhanced awareness and begins to weave it even more closely into my daily life. Every day I have to do an 8-minute Mindful Movement meditation (essentially very slow stretches from a standing position, track 3 in the link above) followed immediately by an 8-minute Breath and Body meditation (sitting down, track 4 in the link above). I did them this afternoon. It was nice.

Let me say that again. It was nice. Must remember that when I'm next feeling annoyed about having to find the time to do this meditative stuff. It's actually very nice when you are doing it.

Then on top of that I have to do a 3-minute Breathing Space meditation TWICE A DAY!! It's just a simple pause-and-check-in exercise which you can do anywhere, at the sink, in the car, standing at the table, halfway through making the bed etc etc. It's a mini/emergency meditation which you can use if you're crazy busy and stressed and don't have time to sit for 20 mins. It's track 8 in the link above. I did that this afternoon and it was nice as well..

The Habit Releaser this week is about valuing the TV and one day a week I have to look for a single programme that I want to watch and sit down to watch it mindfully and then consciously turn off the TV as soon as it's finished. I think they're trying to break the mindless-endless-watching habit that many people probably have. Will look into that later. But for now I'm quickly going to do my second Breathing Space meditation of the day before watching another episode of Vikings. Mindfully.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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