Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week Two Day 2

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

Blogging from the road! Am away for two nights giving talks to two women's Dinner Clubs about my recovery. Did the first one tonight and it went well I think.

But am pleased to report that I did the Guided Meditation twice today on my motel bed AND listened to a Tara talk! Lots of free time today, how interesting it is how I choose to fill it nowadays - hippy me.

Hippy but happy.

Whoops just realised I forgot to drink my tea mindfully, but I have definately been incorporating mindfulness into my day, just pausing to take more breaks to breath and centre myself. I was a bit nervous and wanted to 'lean into it' rather than resist it. So maybe the training is having an effect already?

Spoke to one woman after my talk tonight and she said she was trying to work on mindful techniques as well! That was fun...I do think more people are cottoning on to this being an effective way to manage life & our emotions.

Although I am ridiculously early days and still have a long way to go. Today was the third time I listened to the body scan meditation and I heard a bit I hadn't heard before (about the face). Mind wandering much?!

Will hopefully remember to drink my tea mindfully tomorrow.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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