Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week Two Day 4

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

Doing my Body Scan meditations and it is so lovely.

I think I'm starting to understand slightly what Mark Williams (the lovely man who narrates these Guided Meditations) is on about when he says in the opening "remember we're not trying to get anywhere or striving to achieve any special state. The intention here is to spend time with each region of the body in turn, cultivating awareness of what's already here. So we're not looking for anything special to happen, but allowing things to be just as we find them. So let go of the tendency to want things to be a certain way, or to judge how you're doing, simply following along with the instructions as best you can, and whenever the mind wanders away as it will tend to do, bringing it back without giving yourself a hard time."

He goes around the body slowly and is always saying 'now take a deep breath and move your attention to the next holding it in awareness'

I've had these teeny tiny glimmers of just feeling awareness and not thinking about my feet (knees, shoulders or whatever).. it's very very hard to explain but maybe 3 times so far I've had a few seconds when I had this amazing just very chilled and peaceful 'sense' of my body and when my brain isn't 'thinking' about my body.

It's cool, you've got to listen to this man's voice he is sooooo lovely. Here's a photo of him - he's the one with the beard.

He says at the very end; "...and now letting go of any intentions for the breath and simply lying here, allowing the body to be just as it is. The sense of 'coming home' to the body. Allowing yourself to be just as you are. Complete and whole. Resting in awareness ... moment by moment."

I am slowly 'coming home' to my body I think. Aged 43 I am working hard to force myself right down into my body. If you want to read an incredibly powerful piece of writing by my friend Sue about how she forced herself into her body read this.

I remembered to drink my morning cup of tea mindfully this morning in my motel room. I turned off the tele (which had been my companion through the morning) and shut my eyes and slowly sipped my tea and concentrated on feeling the hot mug in my hands, smelling the aroma (it was my favourite Green tea with Mandarin) and then drinking it and feeling it in my mouth and imagining the hot liquid as it went down my throat into my gut. It was cool!!!!  I sure did love that cup of tea. About to have my nightly cup of chamomile tea and will do the same.

Interestingly I am still being mindful when I brush my teeth twice a day - that was last week's Routine Daily Task that I was making myself be mindful during. And I still have to do my Habit Releaser mindful walk.


Love, Mrs D xxx

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