Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week Four Day 3

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

I woke up two minutes before my alarm went off this morning! How's that for a supersonic body clock?! Padded down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea then do my two meditations - the Breath & Body one and the Sounds & Thoughts one. 

Mind was very busy throughout. 

Then I jumped straight on the computer and sent a tricky email.... after saying yesterday that I'd try to just sit there in silence and drink my tea until the kids woke up. Whoops.

I've been extremely super-busy this week. 

Managed to do two Breathing Space meditations today, self directed at different points in the day. Those ones are really helpful. Quick but powerful. Audio 8 in the link above.

Have to be honest I haven't done my second round of Breath & Body + Sounds & Thoughts. Today was jam-packed and I was out for dinner tonight with some girlfriends. 

We did however have a big conversation about meditation and mindfulness and one of the woman showed me an App she has on her phone called 'Buddhify' . It looked interesting and she said it's really working for her.

It's like when you want to get pregnant and you see pregnant people everywhere. Seems like everywhere I look there are people talking about mindfulness, reading books on mindfulness, writing articles on mindfulness, listening to apps on mindfulness... etc etc....

Me I'm just happy right now with my book and the course I'm doing. Although today I haven't quite managed to do all that I am supposed to do.

Ah well... there's always tomorrow.......

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Louise Hay would say that such a reaction is a good thing, that it shows they are already in the process of healing or changing. Let your resistance be, don't fight it but allow it to pass through.
    Sounds to me like you are working well at this change for you in your life.