Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week Seven Day 2

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

Dragged myself out of bed this morning to try and do my audio meditations before the kids got up and had only just sat down in my meditation spot (computer chair lowered so that my feet can rest flat on the floor) when I heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet.


Mr D is away for work so of course that meant my early morning contemplations wouldn't be able to go ahead. I duly got up and attended to the younglings needs.

Fast forward to midday and I am feeling a bit angsty about a couple of work things.. and I have to be at a meeting at 1pm, so I decide to settle myself down and do my audios.

Sounds and Thoughts followed by Body & Breath. They were nice. It was good. It always sort-of feels like a pain to have to do it but then when I do it it's lovely.

Must remember that.

Then I did a Breathing Space.

It helps, there's no doubt about it. Worries and concerns always feel vitally important and impossible to minimise but then when you sit down and do this sort of fun, subversive tuning-out of your thoughts and tuning-in to the simplicity of the moment.. well, things do fade away somewhat.

I'm telling you. It works.

I think it has to be repetitive however and it has to be a mostly daily habit. I really hope I can achieve that after this course is finished.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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