Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week Seven Day 3

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

Today was a monumental day in the world of Mindful Mrs D. I paused IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT WITH MY EIGHT YEAR OLD (!!) to do a Breathing Space.

Sorry for the use of caps there but I am quite proud of myself.

I literally stopped at the kitchen bench and shut my eyes and went 1) what's happening right now in my mind. What's the weather like in there? 2) focus on the breath. Concentrate on the sensations of each breath as it moves in and out of my body and 3) widen my attention to take in my whole body.

This process probably honestly only took about 40 seconds in total. Then I thought to myself 'how do I want to proceed from here' and I'm not sure if I made any firm decisions but the fight didn't escalate and pretty soon (10 mins later) we were having a hug.

I feel pretty confident in saying that mindfulness was the winner on the day and good. on. me.

That was at about 8am.

Fast forward to midday and the house is quiet and I sit down to do the pick of my two audios from the link above. I chose #7 Befriending (because it's just so lovely) and #4 Breath and Body.

Then I went to a meeting, went to the supermarket, went to school, went to the swimming pool, went home, went to scouts, went home again. And the whole time I felt good.

I really like this stuff.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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