Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week Six Day 3

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

For the first time tonight I was very up front and said to Mr D I was going down to the bedroom for 10 minutes or so "to listen to my audios" (notice I didn't say "meditations"! That would be a step too far!).

There is something really very nice about consciously taking a teeny weeny bit of time out to sit and meditate. And when I say 'meditate' that could cover any number of things. You could listen to an audio like these ones I've been following in the book - links online as above. You could listen to another guided audio there are millions available online. You could just try to focus on the sounds you can hear or focus on thinking about your breath or body. Or you could just observe your thoughts and picture them as clouds floating across the sky. Whatever you do with your back straight and your eyes shut or lowered, you are doing something which is consciously not just busy-ness or mindless thinking or talking or whatever.

It's time out and it's lovely.

Tonight after I announced to Mr D that I was shutting myself in the room I did the Breath & Body meditation and then the Befriending one as per the instructions for this week. They were both nice. My mind was in a busy wandering-around phase but I'm not concerned about that.

Now. The Breathing Space meditation. This is audio 8 in the list above and they introduced it some weeks ago. I am supposed to be doing it twice a day or more depending on how I am feeling. And the past few weeks I am supposed to be changing how I end the meditation - either drop into my body to feel what sensations are there that relate to my current feelings, or seeing if I can relate differently to my thoughts. So you take stock, you focus, your explore, and then you see if you can shift anything.

I have been remiss in this practice but will try and step it up. It's not something you have to do listening to the audio. You can just take a minute or 3 and do it quietly inside your head. Which is how I'll probably need to do it this week as it's school hols and I have very little quiet time in the house alone except for very early in the morning (and I've not been wanting to get out of bed early because I'm still catching up on sleep and relishing any bed time immensely!) or late at night (which is why I'm here writing this post at 8.46pm and really want to be lying on the sofa watching tele). So I'm going to try and practice these Breathing Spaces at odd moments standing at the kitchen bench or sitting in my car.

Secret mini meditations on the go. I like it.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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