Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week Six Day 6

(I am doing the 8-week course in this book which includes these free meditation audio files).

I'm afraid I didn't get to this yesterday. When I finally got a moment it was 9.36pm and I was waaaaayyyy too tired. So instead I got up at 6.15am this morning and just did Sounds & Thoughts followed by Befriending.

Definitely more lovely and easier (if that's the right word) first thing in the morning.

I notice that there's always a point in the meditating when my shoulders drop. It's a teeny tiny drop - barely perceptible except to me. But without knowing it my shoulders have been raised just a little bit and I get to a point in the audio and with my thinking where they drop. Maybe 1cm... but they drop.

It's very nice.

Always nice. Always lovely. Really do think this would be a magnificent thing for me to have in my life permanently and I hope like hell that I can manage to do this. Note to self: Keep it Up!

(bet it's going to be hard but I will try. hopefully this blog will spur me on, which lets face it is the only reason I am blogging about this - I realise it's quite boring to read - but it's keeping me going. There have been times in the past 6 weeks where I probably wouldn't have done the daily audios if I hadn't made a commitment to blog about it daily. so it's been a case of 'better bloody listen so I can write the bloody daily blog about it'....! just being honest here. but blogging works for me in this way. it did when i was trying to get sober, and it is now while i am trying to become a meditator.)

Tomorrow morning I will be out of town not in my own bed and tired after attending my Dad's 70th birthday party the night before. But I am committing to setting my alarm and getting up at 6am to do the Group Meditation Thingy with the Living Sober gang. Good on me.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Yes, definitely good on you. And your blog is most definitely not boring. It's interesting and real and for those of us working on establishing a regular meditation practice it's relatable.