Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I need this...

I'm not doing any guided meditations and I think my mental health is suffering. I'm very busy with work, the house and kids and tired a lot. Have even had INSOMNIA for the first time in ages. Not fun.

Busy, busy brain.. Just over stimulated I think - no particular thinking loop about a particular concern or worry (or annoying person).. just lots on and lots to think about and feel slightly stressed about.

I've got Tara's guided meditation podcasts on my phone now - not through iTunes as I was excited about in the last post, that didn't work sadly..! But I did easily download the 'Podcasts App' from the App Store (free, it's purple) and got Tara through that (also free). But I haven't been doing any car meditations or any in the home and honestly, I'm not just saying this because this is supposed to be a blog about my inner/meditation work, I think it's having an impact.

My brain is racing away with me. I'm getting totally lost in my thoughts and not 'observing' them. I'm not in the moment at all.. I'm away with the fairies in my brain.

And I'm feeling a bit 'flat' which may just be tiredness or may be a sort of low malaise.. not sure.

Have had a couple of moments where I've tried to ground myself and concentrate on my breath or observing my thoughts.. but I can only last 30 seconds or so before my mind starts to drift off again and BOOM I'm gone and it's hard to come back.

I don't think I'm 'good' or 'practiced' enough yet to be able to do grounding meditations on my own.. I need to listen to the audio.

I'm going to use this blog as motivation as that seems to work for me. So I am undertaking once more to post at least once every 2-3 days and update on what I am listening to.

I need this.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I'm still doing a guided meditation almost every day. Morning usually. Have not missed too many in the last year and a bit. It does take practice to not let the 'monkey-mind-chatter' take over. It's simple stuff really. Today mine was about being 'present'. And being a good listener when someone we care about is talking to us. Not only listening with our ears but our hearts and minds too. And letting them talk without interrupting until they have finished. Being fully present to them. All everyone wants is 'to be heard' and 'accepted as they are'. Not judged. Not talked at. We want the same thing. Stick with it. Is there any way you can sit quietly and re-prioritise what is most important for you and your family? Make a list if you have to? I feel for you and can only guess at how busy your life must be. Just having a houseful of male energy is a huge thing to start with! But you do know you got this all covered, don't you? Off-load some stuff that may no longer be working for you perhaps? Simplify things. It works for me. I'm currently doing a 21 day meditation set 'Miraculous Relationships' with Deepak and Oprah. Most sessions are 15 mins. Just lovely. And they set me up for the day. Bless you on this incredible life journey Lotta.