Sunday, May 3, 2015

School pick-up meditations...

So I've started rather slowly now that I've been cut loose from the book. Haven't been meditating daily and haven't been setting my alarm for 6am I must be honest about that.

But I have developed this rather cute habit which is working quite well. Every day I go to pick up my boys from school and often I try to go early-ish so I can get a half-way decent park close to school.

Well a couple of times last week I went even earlier and parked, got my phone out where a I have a couple of the book's meditations saved and I've been sitting upright in my drivers seat (i.e. with a posture that signifies my intention to be awake and pay attention) and closing my eyes and listening to them. Before I head into school to be there when the bell goes. It's great!!

This is a time slot that really works for me so I wonder if that might be the best one to lock in as a daily habit. I can easily leave even earlier and make it a good 20 minute meditation, maybe save more audios to my phone so I can listen in the car.

Aside from those formal sittings I have been trying to take semi-regular 'Breathing Spaces' (as taught to me by the book). I have been stuck in a thinking loop (stress) about a work thing, and am having lots of imaginary conversations with someone who is tricky.. i.e. wasting lots and lots of time thinking about something that I can do nothing about. The thinking about it isn't helping, all it is doing is taking me away from the present moment, making me scratchy with the kids and generally feeling wound up and frustrated.

So I've been trying to pause and take a moment to centre myself and stop the flow of thoughts.

It's kind of working.

I think more of the formal sittings would help me in general.

So I'll work harder at fitting those in.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. This sounds perfect for your busy lifestyle. And so doable! Doesn't matter 'when or how' the fact is you are 'doing it and making it work for you'. Which is exactly as it should be. The monkey-mind-chatter about forward events or conversations it totally taking you out of the 'present'. But you'll sort this too. I love my meditation time and if I miss it (only got half way thru yesterday) then I am out of sorts and not firing on all cylinders - well that's what it felt like yesterday anyway. Do it your way Mrs-D! And make it a daily event.

  2. The car is perfect.I listen in bed too but it sometimes takes a few nights since I often fall asleep.Just that pause from the crazy cycle of whatever is eating us up is enough to get us back on track of living in the moment.I think we are starting to see an accumulative effect which is bloody marvelous.