Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tara to the rescue...

The car meditations are totally working for me. I leave for school pick up a good 10-15 minutes early and then sit in my car and do a 20-minute guided meditation. Have been listening to Tara Brach ones.. but also the Mark Williams ones from the book I've just been following.

It's funny sometimes because I can hear mums chatting as they walk past the car! And there's me with my sunglasses on sitting upright, hoping they don't knock on my windows and can't see that my eyes are closed. I have the phone sitting on the passenger seat and I can hear the audio clearly. The outside noise isn't too distracting.. I can focus on the words that are being spoken to me.

Maybe one day I'll do more 'silent meditations' but for now I am really enjoying the guided audios. And I do still really appreciate the opportunity to stop the mind chatter and focus on my breath or whatever.

It's always nice and very helpful I think. And I think it has a cumulative affect. The more you do it the better you are at slipping into mindfulness habits when necessary.

I got a bit caught up in my mind with some frustrating stuff last week. Work stuff that I had little control over but boy was I gnawing over it in my mind... having imaginary conversations in my head that were turning into arguments, and I was playing both parts!! Ridiculous.

On Monday I listened to an hour long Tara talk - this one .. it's called 'Investigating Reality, Beyond an Interpreted World' - and she totally helped me shift away from this frustration and now I feel quite chilled about the situation. At one point in the talk she said for everyone listening to shut their eyes and think of a scenario which is difficult in your life right now (easy for me to pick this work thing).. then she got us to burrow deep inside our thinking of this difficulty to unpick what was at the route of the problem for us (for me I burrowed down to a belief I had about this one person and what they were doing/what their motivations were/they thought of me)... and then she said 'now what if that belief was wrong'. And the way she did it.. well I suddenly had this shift inside me and the angst about the situation went away!!!!!

Not sure if I am explaining this very well but it totally worked for me, Tara to the rescue once again.

So nothing changed except how I was thinking about the difficult work thing, except now I am relaxed about it.

How amazing is THAT??!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. it's awesome that you are finding a moment in which to meditate. I've enjoyed reading these posts, I was in awe of your finding time to work through the book and it's meditations within the grounds of your busyness.
    Do you download the Tara Brach ones or just listen on line?