Sunday, June 7, 2015

Back on track...

Earlier today I paused and did a 'Breathing Space' sitting on the edge of my bed .. as I could feel my thoughts running away a little. And just now I paused while outside toileting our puppy, shut my eyes, felt the sun on my face and concentrated on all the sounds I could hear.

I've been listening to Tara a little bit and doing Guided Meditations again in the car before school pick up. Some days I do nothing. Other days I do something. And I'm more alert to when I'm getting 'lost' in my thinking and am remembering to pause and ground myself in the moment.

It's not a regular practice in that I'm not sitting at the same time every day (and I know first thing in the morning would be ideal) but it's enough for me and is making a bit difference to how I am feeling and moving through my days.

Have also pulled back on the endlessly-checking-online-spaces habit I have and that has been a little challenging at times but good and the more I resist 'clicking' on my sites constantly the easier it gets. I'm still working online a lot but that is my life, I work from home doing online stuff, and it's up to me to find a balance.

I'm happy with how I am working towards that balance.

Am also eating well, sleeping better (aside from puppy wake-ups!) and my health is improving.

Live is so up and down isn't it?! But I like how I'm working on mine to make it as peaceful-yet-stimulating as I can.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Good for you and well done on focusing on the better work / self balance. I brought the book but have chosen to discipline myself to finish my other books first instead of having a few on the go. choosing to nurture oneself with mindfulness, good eating, better sleeping is a great way to go.

  2. Forget ideal. It sounds like you have encorporsted breathing and mindfulness into your life.
    That is so much more important than forcing yourself to get up early and sit when you don't feel like it.

    Some of my best mindful meditation is done in the car. It keeps me attentive and focused on drinking.