Tuesday, June 23, 2015

'Clunking' into the moment

I'm totally rocking the car meditations. Every school day I do them! Lately I've just been listening to the ones found here

Favourites for the car so far are numbers One, Four and Five but am going to try and work in Six and Seven next week. They're just 8-10 minutes long which is perfect as I wait for the bell to ring.

I love it!

There's been a moment lately when I'm listening where I literally feel myself 'clunk' down and drop into my body and the current moment. I 'clunk' and arrive and find myself in a car! The air is cold.. I'm 43.. look where I am in my life.. I'm breathing in and out... waiting outside a school where my three sons are at .. breathing in and out.. fully in my body and in the moment.

It's fan-bloody-tastic.

Ideally I'd still like to increase/improve my practice to spend longer on it each day and make it more regular (early mornings would be ideal) but I'll work toward that.

Will keep this blog posted as it works well as a motivation tool to keep me on task with the mindfulness practice.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. love it Mrs D, inspires hope that I to will eventually get there with meditating and just being more present within myself.