Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It had to happen....

I've been sprung! A school mum came up to me today and said 'are you doing a bit of mindfulness in your car?!" (or something like that). I said 'yes! - oh gawd I've been wondering if anyone would spring me!!' and she said 'Oh I just saw you there having a quiet moment with your eyes closed...'

She's actually bloody cool and is in touch with that sort of stuff herself (she's a professional coach helping people in high performance workplaces) and super smart and lovely. We've had some good chats at the pool in the past while our kids have been doing their swimming lessons.

Ha ha. Being sprung won't stop me doing my car meditations while I wait for the bell to ring. Meditating in this place at this time of the day absolutely works for me.

Today's audio was track six from here - 'Exploring Difficulty'. It's so useful to just be reminded again and again to be hyper aware of your thoughts from an 'outside perspective' and not getting lost in them.

Am finding with this awareness of the power of my thoughts I am able to use them to turn my mood around (if that makes sense). I had a shit sleep the other night and after I'd been up a few hours wrote this in the Members Feed at Living Sober; "Found myself with a terribly negative thought-spiral running around my head ‘woe is me I’m so tired woe is me my life is so hard’ but I just had a long hot shower and a stern talk to myself and have decided to turn my thoughts around so I don’t ruin my own day! (maybe this is my mindfulness work kicking in). Have been bombarding myself with positive thinking ‘how fantastic it is that I’m not drinking, wasn’t half-cut at 1am for my son who was in such pain’ ‘how bloody brilliant that I’m only tired this morning and not awfully hung over with a sick churning guts, pounding head and overwhelming guilt’. ‘How lovely is that sun as it is rising over the hill line this morning’ ‘how lucky that I have a house with running water – hot AND cold! – and a fridge full of food’. 

And from making a conscious effort to turn my thinking from negative to positive I actually had a great day in the end and got super-busy decluttering parts of my house. Go the mindfulness!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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