Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mindful about being Mindful...

Ah, so this is interesting. Further to the 'the brain is a muscle that can be retrained' discover I made when retraining myself out of a lifetime of drinking alcohol, I am discovering that the longer I push my thinking towards mindfulness the easier it is getting.

I have been very mindful about being mindful and it has been great. Simply taking a moment here and there to notice what is right in front of me. Literally thinking 'this moment right now is calm and lovely' and not letting my brain run away. It's so great!!! So freeing.

Noticing the way the morning sun is lighting up the condensation on the window. Noticing the silence. Noticing that I am driving in my car in a nice neighbourhood to go pick up my nice boys. Noticing what I have.

Work in progress of course, but getting there.

I did a Tara Guided Meditation in the car yesterday while waiting for school to finish. It was lovely.

So I'm still sporadic in my mindfulness/meditation practices but I have not abandoned the concept.

This is good.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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