Sunday, July 19, 2015

A long time meditating..

I've just realised that these Oprah and Deepak meditations are the longest ones I've ever done - in terms of being 'left alone' with background music to meditate. Tara talks to me and so did Mark Williams mostly .. but these guys give me a good 15 mins of just music and the sound of my own thoughts.

Honestly, I get completely lost inside my mind, either I'm drifting off to sleep or I go to a very happy serene place because I almost 'come to' when the bell dings at the end.

They're good though, I am growing to really appreciate Deepak's teachings. And I like that the focus of this 21-day Experience is gratitude and grace. Such fundamental and interesting concepts. Who doesn't want to be graceful in how they carry themselves?

I do!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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