Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All good things bring gratitude...

... that's the 'Centering Thought' from Day Two of the Oprah and Deepak FREE 21-day experience I am doing (here on their website).

Just lay on the bed and listened to the Day Two audio. It followed the same format as yesterdays - an introduction from Oprah then a bit of a talk from Deepak and then the opportunity to meditate with music playing.

He gave me a mantra to repeat over while I was meditating to their music. It was 'Kripa Hum' which stands for 'I am divine grace'. My mind wandered and I forgot the mantra half way through but I'm not going to beat myself up about that.

I've been dealing with something rather major recently which has been occupying my thoughts HUGELY, and I found it creeping in again while I was meditating. But I tried not to worry about it and see the thoughts like clouds passing by... I was thinking 'oh there's a big cloud of thoughts about that same shitty thing again'.. that is good awareness, no?

It was a good exercise overall - I did get interrupted by a child half way through 'Mum can you ....' I said firmly 'Go talk to Dad and leave me alone - NOW!'... !

And at the end I filled in the journal part of the exercise and that was really useful and lovely.

It's all good.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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