Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back into it...

I just went on the message board at the Chopra Centre and asked why my Journal pages are no longer visible on my App for this 21-Day Meditation Experience. We shall see if they answer me!

Have just laid on the bed and listened to Day 15. It was good and I'm pleased I'm back into doing it properly again now.

I am going through something tricky at the moment and there is NO DOUBT that their teachings on gratitude and grace are having a fundamental impact on how I am handling things. So this was meant to come into my life at this time. (Even though my mind still wanders when they play their music and leave me to it!)

Today's music had the night-time sound of crickets (?) in the background and I kept visualising myself sitting quietly by a lake at night. It was calming and lovely.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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