Thursday, July 16, 2015

I am gladdening my heart..

.. that is today's Centering Thought from Deepak and Oprah. This isn't Mrs D speak - I don't go around saying things like 'I am gladdening my heart'! But I did just before as guided by the Chopra Centre gurus when lying on my bed listening to their Day 3 audios (here).

I got interrupted twice today - once by Mr D coming in to get his phone and once by my youngest son wanting the iPad, very annoying! - so I will have to lock the door or at least make it very clear that I cannot be interrupted for 20 minutes. It's school holidays and Mr D has a few days off so the house is busy.

I really appreciate the time out!

I am quite enjoying this experience so far. I appreciate the messages they are giving me, their introductions are lovely but short, but the time left to meditate myself (with their music playing) is long and my mind is wandering A LOT.

But it is what it is and good on me for giving it a go.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. The mind wandering a lot is perfectly fine.
    Just notice and let go. And return to your breath. It's all just experiencing mindfulness by recognizing you mind has wandered. So it's helpful and positive.
    That's what I do!

  2. Yeah, that 'monkey mind chatter' does intrude sometimes. Just did for me. But i just try and calmly refocus. Yep - it is definitely the doing - we are putting your intentions out in to the ethers. It's all good stuff! Have an awesome week!