Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Meeting obstacles with grace

So this morning I got back into bed after Mr D and the kids left the house for work/school (!!yes!! I got back into bed!!!) and listened to the Day 7 audio from Deepak and Oprah.

Ok I am growing to love these people. Just like I grew to love Tara and Mark Williams. How can you not love someone who is getting inside your grey matter in such a beautiful, caring, wise and oh so very helpful way....?

Some really good stuff today about dealing with obstacles and resistance, about connecting with gratitude and having it shift our understanding of what obstacles might be saying to us.

Oprah said in her intro:"When you feel struggle - pause. Try to take a step back and give yourself a moments time to find your centre. That struggle is a gift, a whisper. It is your graceful true self tapping you on the shoulder a little bit, trying to remind you ever so gently to look again. Because you always get to choose. Do you react to an obstacle as a negative, or do you embrace it as an opportunity to respond with the open hearted knowledge that all will be well."

"When you meet obstacles with gratitude your perception starts to shift, resistance loses it's power and grace finds a home within you."

Oh I want to be a calm and centred graceful being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been lately. I have had an obstacle and I have not approached it with grace (it is a hard situation). Please let me find the wisdom to respond with open hearted knowledge.

- As an aside just a note that Oprah and Deepak know what they are doing in a professional/commercial sense. I have just noticed that the early days of this free meditation experience are no longer available. And my journal entries from all previous days are no longer available. So that is a bummer. I suppose with these free ones they limit what you can keep. I'm sure by the end of this free experience I'll be paying for some permanent material to listen to!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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