Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sprung again...

Sprung again. Think I'm going to have to revisit my meditations-in-the-car-while-waiting-to-pick-up-my-boys-from-school plan. This time it was a friend rapping on my passenger door window and then jumping in to have a chat with me. I hastily paused Tara's guided meditation, felt a bit silly! And bummed out as I'd managed to give myself 20 mins to listen to a nice long podcast. Oh well.. a chat with a friend is always a nice thing to do anyway...

Maybe I should do them just before I leave home for school. Why wouldn't that work? I'll give that a go. Mornings are too difficult as the puppy and kids wake me up around 6am.. and at night I am just too tired.

I do want to continue because I am sure this mindfulness work is definitely helping build my mental resilience. I am dealing with a tricky work thing right now and while I'm mentally preoccupied about it I'm not feeling as wound up as I normally would be. I'm very aware of my thoughts and that they are mental events. I'm not getting lost in them too much. I'm doing ok.

Listened to this Tara talk the other day to help me with this situation and it was really really good. At the end I was sobbing and felt so calm. She helped guide me to the wise place inside of me. I highly recommend it as a good one when there is a particular tricky situation looming.

Oprah and Deepak are offering a free 21-day meditation experience through their website here, I've signed up and am going to do it! Will blog about it daily here.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I loved Deepak Chopra's book The Book of Secrets. I started reading it at a time when my life was getting really stressful and was very helpful. I still remember the chapter about making choices and how you should choose NOT to make a choice then the answer will come to you. Do blog and share your thoughts!