Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The ability to change your brain!

Week two of this three week (21-day) experience has begun and Oprah and Deepak are busy telling me that you can actually bring about a fundamental shift in your brainwaves if you practice gratitude.

Today's 'Centering Thought' was 'Every thankful moment makes me healthier'. I like that concept.. that every time you practice a little bit of gratitude or make yourself think positively or thankfully it has a teeny tiny influence on your state of health. Mental health I presume that is. Maybe physical health as well?

I like Oprah's introduction, I like Deepak's teachings, and I quite like the music bit to meditate to but I have to be honest my head was doing little 'bounces' because I am so tired I think I was almost falling asleep!!

But I tried to stick to the mantra which today was 'Shara Vana Ya' which means 'My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe'. Which sounds a bit namby pamby to me but there it is.

Mantras are new to me - I haven't used them before - and they are kinda helpful to keep you focused.

I can see that.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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