Saturday, August 1, 2015

Having the right attitude...

I listened to the Day 15 audio of the Oprah and Deepak experience the day before yesterday while I was cooking and eating a huge piece of steak for lunch. Yesterday I skipped. Right now I'm listening to Day 16 as I type this and do some other work on the computer.

Sorry - I know this isn't ideal, but it's my ideal.

I'll tell you what I've learned from them though. That I really really really really want to live in a state of grace. I want to live gracefully. I want to be thought of as graceful. I want to be graceful. And apparently the best way to achieve that is by being grateful and thinking not of ego gratification.

"Living in a complete state of grace happens when you are living as a complete person." Says Deepak.

He says being a complete person is all about having the right attitude. Show generosity of spirit in all your daily encounters - at work, with family, even with strangers. Be open with everyone. Accept and respect their point of view, see them with kindness instead of judgement and criticism. Don't pass up a chance to show them appreciation.

"These things don't make you a saint, they make you a person who knows that grace is real."

I'm going to work on this.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. That is so, so beautiful. I sure know when I am living in gratefulness life is so different - a state of Grace. Mmmm. If I dare be a 'kumara which must not sing of it's own sweetness' & ignore that whakatauki, I think I do have a lot of that generosity of spirit Deepak describes, and it brings huge generosity & life & laughter back to me (& also the opposite at times, the decriers, the jealous, the miserable can hate it). I think it is why I have so little trouble with out violent, troubled, special needs students - I really can respect and see who they are, & we have lovely, peaceful, creative times together. Thank you for writing this so clearly and bringing it to our attention (as I have yet to listen to the podcasts - so much rich material in my life to read & hear - a full time job to appreciate it, your writing being very high on the list :) I miss many posts, sadly.)