Friday, September 11, 2015

** crickets **

Hello dead blog.

Hello dead blog that I feel guilty about.

Hello dead blog that was supposed to be a motivator to keep me practicing mindfulness.

I have not been listening to any guided meditations.

I have not been doing any silent meditations.

I have not been taking any extended periods of time to sit and quiet my brain.

Actually that's a lie.. I have taken the odd very short moment here and there (like 10 - 20 seconds) to close my eyes and focus on what I could hear.

I do sometimes work to bring myself right down into the present and be aware of my breathing (the feel of the air as it enters and leaves my nostrils is my new go-to sensation for focusing on the breath).

So maybe in that way mindfulness has entered my life.

But I'm in no way a 'regular practitioner'. I haven't properly incorporated mindfulness into my life in a sustained way - the kind of way that (if the research is to be believed) will actually make some lasting changes in my brain. i.e. 10-20 minutes if not longer at a time.

I think the best way to make sure it happens every day is to do it first thing in the morning before anyone else gets up. Hopefully that's where I'll get to eventually. In the meantime I will try to fit it in and around my busy life.

Feel better having finally written another post on here. Will try to keep this up.

Love, Mrs D xxx

UPDATE : HA HA I just got emailed by American guru Depak Chopra about a free online 'event' next week called 'Four Simple Steps to integrate meditation into your busy life'. Ha ha! I have registered. Watch this space...


  1. You know how I meditate? A moment here. A moment there. Just taking a moment to breathe deeply and acknowledge myself and smile.

  2. Hi Mrs D,
    Look, it;s called backsliding - it's when you get going on something and then, little by little you slip and slide and one day you realise you have lost momentum and the project could be abandoned. I can see it in the tagline of this blog - where you are "trying" - now I'm going to quote Yoda from Satr Wars who said (click the comment link to see it on youtube) "Do or do not - there is no try" it's something zen or yoga and it's about committing and making it apriority so that there is never ever an inch of doubt - ever - again in your life regarding this goal. I do it with yoga 6AM four times a week - not negotiable - it comes first. Hope this helps. Also check out Leo on on backsliding.
    Bren Murphy