Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FREE Mindfulness Summit!

Ok well this is interesting coming hot on the heels of my last experience with The Chopra Centre.

Last night in my Facebook feed I had a 'suggested post' from a page called 'Mrs Mindfulness' - something about a 'Mindfulness Summit' which is FREE for the month of October.

They said it's a 'not-for-profit' project 'with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream'.

So I clicked on it and followed through to their website and filled in my name and email address to register! Turns out Mrs Mindfulness is an Australian woman called Melli O'Brien - a mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher who runs retreats etc..(this is her website)

And WOW the lineup of people they have got - Tara Brach! Arianna Huffington! Mark Williams! (he wrote the 8-week plan Mindfulness Book) Ruby Wax! John Kabat-Zinn! Dan Siegel! Dan Harris! (he wrote the 10% happier book).

From what I understand you just sign up here and then you get to partake. I think every day in October there is a new meditation / talk available to listen to. Then at the end of the free month you have the option to buy the whole summit as a product and have it available to you forever more. And they give the money to mindfulness charities.

I've climbed into it and will be doing it!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Thanks Mrs D for advising us of that. I've registered, never know what might come of it.