Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking a few stillness moments...

Ok I am doing pretty well on the mindfulness practice front right now. I am slowly re-incorporating it back into my life.. inspired by the wonderful book 'The Art of Stillness' that I wrote about in my last post.

Aside from anything else I am just so much more aware of my 'internal weather pattern' now and when I am shifted slightly off my calm axis I know that mindfulness/meditation can help me with this.

I got a couple of emails on Monday night that left me feeling a bit unsettled and I could feel that my thoughts were winding up a little (or at least there were thoughts in there that weren't calm). So yesterday after dropping the kids at their school holiday programme (Mr D is away) I came home, sat down on the sofa (on the edge with my back erect so I was in an alert pose) and shut my eyes to have some stillness for about 15 minutes.

I did concentrate on my breath. I did listen to the sounds around me. My mind did wander. I did bring it back to my breath every now and then. I didn't worry myself too much about what was going on. I just sat still. It was lovely.

This morning was a bit more fraught (arguments over sunscreen) so after I dropped the boys off (for their second and final day of school holiday programme during these 2 weeks of holidays) I drove into town and parked by the waterfront.. went and got myself a decaf flat white.. went and sat on a park bench in front of the water.

Then I drank my coffee and replied to some emails and took a photo and shared it on Instagram. And then I shut my eyes and listened to the waves, traffic, pedestrians, construction noises.. it was noisy! But it was a moment of stillness and it was lovely. Perhaps 10 minutes with my eyes shut.

Just got sent a link regarding the free Mindfulness Summit I have signed up for that takes place throughout the month of October.. and I just sat and listened to the 6 minute audio from Melli O'Brien that came with it. Am looking forward to it starting!

It's school holidays and Mr D is away and often during these busy times I can descend into bad habits and a less-than-stellar mindset. But so far so good this time. Long may it last.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Mrs D, I am going to go way out of my comfort zone and try this, too. I will let you know how it goes. (Sorry to hog the comments on all your sites today. I really am trying different things here!) xoxo

  2. Hi Mrs D,
    Wonderful! I have added your new blog to my read-list. :-) Thank you! And thank you for the Summit link :-)
    Wishing you a good journey. :-)
    xx, Feeling

  3. Hi Mrs D
    Pollyonthewagon here Still on the wagon and going well without the booze Have been edging into the mindfulness world after doing a course a few weeks ago. Anyway had a flat kind of day cos I didnt meditate, didnt exercise, lost it with my daughter, ate sugar for Africa blah blah blah--And then I read your blog !!!! I couldn't believe you were onthe same journey with mindfulness. Just sitting here reading through your blog and thanking whoever manages our universe for the gift of you and your sharing !!! Thank you for your realness and honesty. I am away to Queenstown for a few days to blob and rest my mind and pathway - Great timing by the universe again !!!