Tuesday, October 13, 2015


For the first time since the Mindfulness Summit began I waited too late to finish listening to a talk and the 24-hour free listening period ran out. Such a shame! The guy was called Sam Harris and he was a big brain dude. The video wasn't the usual interview with Melli (summit organiser) but was a video of a one hour lecture he'd given somewhere some time, followed by a one hour Q & A. I got 40 minutes into the lecture this morning when I had to stop and only just got back to it now thinking I had time left to finish. But alas no.

It was a shame - he was really really interesting on spirituality not being of organised religion and was building up to outlining his understanding of what spirituality is .. separating out from the thinking self, the ego etc, and realising our other observing self. I think that's what he was going to say. I'm not sure. He was rediculously intelligent and really assured.. I was a bit blown away by him.. but boy did I want to finish it. Might see if I can find it elsewhere on the internet, otherwise I may end up buying an all access pass to the summit so I can finish this (maybe if I don't get to finish others as well...)

Anyway, I launched into listening to the next available audio right away - just 24 minutes long which was good. A lovely man called Jack Kornfield. He's a mindfulness expert, teacher and author on the subject etc etc. Does work with Tara Brach apparently.

He said mindfulness and spirituality are not separate (although we like to separate and compartmentalise things out in our modern lives). 

He said the goal isn't to become some rigid mindful person, it is to become fluid and to perfect your love.

I like that - perfect your love. 

To live with a compassionate heart and be present. He said people feed off that.. if you start to live and act and respond to life more mindfully it starts to have an affect on the people around you. It's like space - you become broader and more vast. Mindfulness is to see clearly and step out of the small sense of self. 

A lovely little interview with Jack Konfield. Wish I'd finished Sam Harris in time but lesson learned.

Love, Mrs D xxx


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  3. There's a great YouTube audio clip where Sam Harris talks about how drugs helped shape his consciousness.... and about how he uses meditation now to do the same thing.....

  4. Sam's talk was from TED Talks. I thought it was fantastic. Lori