Saturday, October 17, 2015

Curious, Open, Accepting, Loving

Well today was a bit of a treat on the Mindfulness Summit - it was Dr Dan Siegel and his WIFE! I have listened to and watched lots of his talks on the brain, never knew he was married to such a powerhouse of a woman, lawyer & mindfulness expert.. someone who has been meditating for decades apparently. I want what she has! (interesting to note that all mindfulness experts are very lithe and slim... maybe that will come to me if I eat more mindfully and don't be a little piggie at times.. but I digress...)

They started by talking to Melli (Summit organiser) about technology and screens and how to use them mindfully so they don't negatively impact on the brain. Dr Dan said we are so busy looking outwards into the internet, we don't spend enough time looking inwards to ourselves or face-to-face with others. He said there are 7 things you can't get online that you can get in person (this was good to hear laid out like this)

1) eye contact
2) facial expressions
3) tone of voice
4) gestures
5) posture
6) timing
7) intensity 

This is good for me as someone who can get hung up on emails....(over analyising them sometimes or reading them incorrectly.. I have some work relationships that are mainly conducted over email and I find it really difficult)

Anyway, they then talked about the importance of sleep for re-setting and de-toxifying the brain. Caroline Welch was Dr Dan's wife and she said she meditates for 30 minutes first thing in the morning and doesn't look at her phone or computer until after breakfast. She says after doing this for a while you come to experience a certain energy and liveliness, you come to feel like you 'can handle it' (all of life's experiences). You get a resilience and readiness. I like this. A readiness. Because shit is going to come, right? Taking time to reflect inwards will help ready us for stuff. Also they both said you get a glow and look much younger and I could see they were both standing there side by side, cool smart healthy mindful people.

Dr Dan said he does a 'Wheel of Awareness' in the morning - not sure what that is but he starts the day reflecting inwards.. if you start the day that way it becomes a trait and your are able to become more regulated in your responses to things (ie not just knee-jerk reactions, more considered responses). He said 'Presence is a wonderful thing. Having a 'COAL' approach ... Curious, Open, Accepting, Loving.

Also the importance of 'awe' and just taking time to become aware that we are a part of a much larger whole (simply taking time looking at nature can be enough awe for a day).. this is good not just for yourself but makes you want to reach out more for other people. Their website is here.

Sorry this is a bit disjointed today but suffice to say it was a great interview.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Thanks for the summary, Mrs D. I didn't get a chance to listen today and the summit folks are being more careful about limiting access to one day (fair enough) so I may not hear it. I really like what you report Caroline Welch does. I've been trying to meditate in the morning, but doing that plus keeping off the computer until after breakfast sounds like a great idea. I'm enjoying listening to the summit when I can, and I'm really enjoying your updates! xo