Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Embodied Immediacy....

Just listened to the very serious Tami Simon being interviewed by Melli O'Brien for day 6 of the Mindfulness Summit. Actually I started earlier in the day.. listened to the start while lying on the bed.. the middle while cooking dinner and the ending on the sofa.

The ending was a guided meditation in the particular type of practice she is into which is 'body based awareness' (all about going around the body imagining each part is actually doing the breathing.. it was quite amazing although I do have to admit my mind wandered a lot ..!)

Anyway, Tami had a lovely way of talking about mindfulness as being about embracing the 'embodied immediacy' i.e. us in our bodies right at this moment. I like that phrase - 'embodied immediacy'.

She also said we are often grasping for things that are the opposite of 'embodied immediacy' i.e. things that aren't actually here (like things on our phones!).

Also this: 'the thinking mind is not the definer of our experience - there is something larger.'

She also reiterated what yesterday's guy said about words not being able to do justice to the felt experiences of mindfulness etc.. it's hard to put into words the shifting that can go on internally.

I'm trying to articulate all that I am learning and feeling and experiencing with words.. but am not sure if it's easy to follow, understand or imagine.

Let me just put it this way - I LOVE IT.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I thought Tami was wonderful. I was lucky enough to do her secret breath meditation in the early morning quiet. Fantastic! I missed meditating this morning and did one this evening. So not the same! My mind wandered way too much.