Monday, October 5, 2015

Having a 'tight mental condition'.

Day 4 of the Mindfulness Summit (already feels like it's been going forever - can't believe there's 31 days worth of this in total!) and Melli interviews Jono Fisher. He's a lovely looking Australian guy who runs something called the 'Wake Up Project' (which I'd never heard of).

They had a lovely chat, I listened to the first half in bed last night and the first half when I woke up. I frantically took notes because he kept saying things that I wanted to remember! He has a really great way of articulating stuff.. like the relief he feels when he breaks out of being lost in his head ("living only from the shoulders up") and the relief he feels when he clunks back down into his body/the present moment.

I've had periods like that recently, when I stopped being mindful and fell into over-rumination habits.. i.e. got lost in my head. He called it being on 'autopilot' or having a 'tight mental condition'. I like that description.. it describes well what I used to call being 'lost in my thoughts'.

The man was so brilliant at articulating tricky inner stuff, he even had a brilliant way of articulating the fact that he didn't think he had a brilliant way of articulating tricky inner stuff!! He said "it's hard to translate a felt experience into words". I know what he means.

I've had magical moments that I can STILL remember very clearly... one when I was sitting into the car outside the boys school and I was listening to a guided meditation and I suddenly had a very dramatic realisation of me sitting there in my body in the year 2015 in my car.. it felt very surreal almost.. it was a dramatic 'clunking' (my attempt to describe this felt experience into words!) into my body.

I don't know if anyone reading this can image what that felt like. It was a very dramatic felt feeling that I remember clearly. It stands out to me. I can try and describe it in words but the words will never do the feeling justice.

Honestly.. you just have to give this mindfulness thing a serious go and hopefully you'll start feeling these things too and it will be amazing.

Anyway.. Jono Fisher also said "so many people are hungry for a deeper quality in their lives and I think there is a real dissatisfaction with the lies around consumerism making our lives better. It's the flip side, gaining on the inside - not the outside - that makes us feel better."

Wise words from a clever lovely man.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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