Wednesday, October 28, 2015

History has delivered us this moment.....

Today's summit video was another one where the speaker did their own presentation to the camera (computer) with them on one side of the screen and a split screen with their slides on the other. It was  a lovely learned man called Michael Chaskalson who is the founder and CE of Mindfulness Works Ltd, and author of books on mindfulness (The Mindful Workplace and Mindfulness in Eight Weeks). He has a Masters in the clinical applications of mindfulness and has been practicing himself for 40 years... well! Some expert then!

Super lovely guy and a great presentation on mindfulness and what it does in strengthening areas of our brains when we practice it regularly and how that impacts on our approaches/responses to things when they occur in our lives. He talked about our 'Working Memory Capacity' and how our working memory is short term, very small, refreshes very quickly and is degraded by stress. This 'Working Memory Capacity' is strengthened by mindfulness.

Honestly listening to him you think to yourself 'why wouldn't I be doing mindfulness??". It seems like such a no-brainer. And I want what all these cool calm and together people have got! They all seem so smart and lovely!

He said there are two dimensions to mindfulness. A 'Wisdom Dimension' and a 'Compassion Dimension'.

He said: "The Wisdom Dimension entails choosing to allow what is the case, be the case. It's surprising how much energy we all put into NOT allowing what is the case be the case. We wish it were 'not like this', 'they shouldn't do this', 'it shouldn't be like that', 'why has this turned up now?'. But you know what? What's here is just what's here. What's shown up has shown up. History has delivered us this moment and it couldn't be anything other than it is. It is what it is. And when we can allow that it is what it is, whatever is the case is the case, embrace the moment, then we begin to have some choice. Until then we are stuck. Stuck in this attitude of refusal or wanting it to be different or needing it to be other."

I love that 'history has delivered us this moment, and it couldn't be anything other than it is'. Such deep acceptance. This has really helped me shift something today.

Re the 'Compassion Dimension' he really just said this is about stilling our inner critical voice. The 'I'm/they're/it's not good enough' voice. It's about kindness, openness & generosity.

See what I mean about this all sounding so amazing and beneficial!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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