Monday, October 26, 2015

It's not weird introverted stuff....

Can't believe I have been faithfully listening to the Mindfulness Summit for 26 days and have only missed half of one video! No paying for a full access pass for me! So enjoying it and I really feel that the messages are going deep into my mind now. The main things I am feeling are often repeated and most important in living mindfully and practicing meditation are;

* It should be fun.
* Don't try so hard.
* Feel the gravity holding your body to the ground/chair
* Look and notice the things right in front of you - aspects of nature particularly good but anything right in front of you is good
* Be kindly towards others
* Listen and pay attention to what others are saying

If meditating...
* Just sit quietly and observe what is going on.
* Notice where your mind is going. Be interested in your thoughts. Think 'I notice that I'm thinking about xyz'
* Gently bring your attention back to the breath or body. No worries if your mind wanders off again. Be interested in where you are going. Gently bring it back again.
* Doing that over and over will strengthen your attention and focus muscle
* It should be lovely

Today's speaker was a very learned woman Professor Katherine Weare who does lots of research and work in setting up mindfulness programmes in schools (site here) - evidence based programmes are very important to her (a particular programme she helped develop here).

She showed us a 'Finger Breathing' exercise where you run an index finger from one hand up and down the fingers of the other hand as you breath in and out. Breath in=run finger up one side of thumb. Breath out=run finger down other side. Breath in=run finger up one side of index finger. Breath out=run finger down other side..etc etc..

She said when teaching young people the practice should be Easy & Fun & Light (and in fact said it should be that way for everyone).

- Focus on the breath (it's a nice little portable anchor she said)
- Mindfulness in the body
- Being in the here and now (eating & walking good places to try this)
- With emphasis on relationships and getting on with other people

She said it's not weird introverted stuff! It's just about paying more attention to the stuff that you're doing naturally. Probably the best description of mindfulness I've heard so far!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I haven't missed one yet! I can't believe this is free. What a life changing month!