Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just being quiet for a while is all you need sometimes...

Some days I am struggling to find time to listen to the Mindfulness Summit and think I'll give it a miss - but I have pushed on and have managed to fit in every single one! And often on the days I am close to not bothering the speaker ends up being totally awesome. In fact pretty much all of them have been totally awesome.

Yesterday it was a chap called Richard Burnett who Melli (summit organiser) interviewed. He started by summarising brilliantly what mindfulness brings to his life.

1) Groundedness
2) Improved well-being 
3) Better health (fewer colds etc!)
4) Short breaks from the constant chatter of the mind

I liked this - thought it was a good summary. Again... I want what he's got!!!

Anyway, his big thing is a programme he runs for mindfulness in schools. So they talked a lot about how to teach mindfulness to kids. He said meditation & sitting quietly comes with such baggage, so it's really all about finding down to earth ways to communicate about it, ways which are useful and common sense. 

He reiterated that mindfulness is not a quick fix. It needs to be worked on/practiced regularly. The more I listen and think about this the more I want to do a daily practice - ideally a morning meditation every single day. 

He mentioned a 'Bed-itation' but didn't expand on what that is but I like the sound of it! Might google and research it.

He also mentioned the 'counter-culture' nature of mindfulness which I liked. That's the rebellious aspect of sitting quietly in our busy world that appeals to me!

Today it was Danny Penman who is the co-author of this book which I own and I followed their 8-week programme to the letter! His latest book is about mindfulness for creativity so they talked a lot about that.  He says mindfulness builds mental resilience which is so important for creativity. Not only do you notice the new ideas but you have the drive and resilience to put them into action & ignore all the naysayers (often the loudest one is in our own heads). He says resilience and strength of character is so important to achieving anything in life and that's what mindfulness does. 

He also said that one of the major problems in the modern world is the brutal ways that we treat ourselves.

Melli asked him what he would do in a moment of writers block. He said 'walk around and get fresh air, it just opens the mind and broadens the mind'. He's an avid walker apparently.  

He also said 'just being quiet for a while is all you need sometimes'.

Only a few days left of the summit! 

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Thank you again for the reminder to listen, although I have bought the lot, so can keep listening as I do to tara, over and over while walking. Love your summaries, and will remember to WATCH yesterday's - I wouldn't have known otherwise. I am sure I am an expert in beditation - my favourite, I chuckle as they say straighten your spine etc. However, the falling asleep IS a problem... Yes, why on earth isn't the world doing this? I have listened to Rick Hanson twice and am totally convinced it must be daily, even if a minute!
    The habit / attraction does grow I find, last night I listened to a quick Williams one, then just kept on myself, didn;t even want to read. A first :)