Thursday, October 22, 2015

Less 'warlike configurations'....

Well! How lovely was today's speaker. Her talk was just so soothing and reassuring about life and our place in the world and all of that stuff. I can't do justice with a summary.

Her name was Timothea Goddard and she is an accredited mindfulness teacher and apparently a pioneer in bringing mindfulness training to Australia for the past 11 years. And she's a founding director of Openground a network of mindfulness trainers etc...

She said one of the great things that comes with regular mindfulness practicing or awareness is that we are probably going to become a little less surprised, less shocked, less pained when really difficult things arise in our lives - greed, hatred and ignorance rise endlessly. Also impermanence - old age, death, & sickness come to us all.

Mindfulness practice can help prepare us.. is not just an instrument that can do something for us, but something that can really be a space in which insight and preparedness can arise. It can help us have less warlike configurations in our own heads and in our relations to other people.

She summarised awareness brilliantly like this...

1) Life Sucks
2) Everything Changes
3) Don't Take It Personally

With mindfulness we can start cultivating a knowing of the impermanence of things.

We're a process, not a problem to be solved or fixed.

I like this last one particularly. I'm a process. Not a problem to be solved or fixed.

That calms me.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I love this summary! Can't wait to hear her, but you have put this so well. I can imagine snippets on the LS site, really helpful. Can I put my favourite bits on? Always seems a bit cheeky to uplift your words - but then we do it with other brilliant writers, so ....???