Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mindful eating..

THIS one I REALLY enjoyed. Day 5 of the Mindfulness Summit was Susan Albers who has written 6 books on mindful eating.

She says she's retrained herself out of comfort eating .. simply by being extremely mindful when eating..and now finds different ways to sooth herself that don't involve food.

She's got a huge industry behind her of books, apps etc etc.. lots of tools and tricks.. but it was lovely listening to her being interviewed by Melli for 40 mins or so.

Her top tip is to follow the Four 'S''s when eating - Sit down, Smell the food, Savour the food, Slowly chew, and Smile.

I really need to work on this because I have very 'alcoholic' habits when it comes to food. If I am in a funk or tired or grumpy or lonely or whatever.. I turn to food to 'treat', 'reward', and comfort. (I put those first two words in inverted commas because I'm really not treating or rewarding myself at all! I punish my body with crap and then feel guilty, sluggish and shameful about it afterwards. It is very related to how I used to use booze and feel about my problem drinking.)

Suffice to say I am about to mindfully eat my morning muesli!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Mindful eating is powerful. It's worth getting a special plate. A napkin. And making meals special. At least sometimes. Occasionally we all need to gobble our dinner before rushing kids out the door!