Saturday, October 17, 2015

Question & Answer session

Today's audio on the Mindfulness Summit was a Question and Answer with Melli (summit organiser) and Shamash Alidina who wrote the book 'Mindfulness for Dummies' and also featured earlier in the summit.

He's such a cool chatty guy and the questions were interesting. I think they'd been submitted by summit participants on Melli's (Mrs Mindfulness) Facebook page.. and had been 'up-voted' (liked) by the most people. Ten questions which Shamash answered in a long-winded chatty way...

The stand-out for me was when he talked about 'Urge Surfing' (I think the question was something about how to deal with recurring negative memories that emerge in meditation, how to resist cutting the session short when your brain is bringing up shit you don't want to deal with). For some reason he suggested the technique of 'Urge Surfing' - "also good for addictions" he said .. treat each urge like a wave, they usually last 7-8 minutes, so instead of acting immediately on the urge (to move if you are sore  or sick of sitting meditating, or reach for a wine, or check your phone for new emails etc etc).. ride the urge like a wave, bring curiosity to it.. and watch it pass by. Surf the urge!

I want to try this! I like this imagery.

Another stand out bit was when Shamash said the biggest obsticle to living mindfully is actually remembering to be mindful!

Also when he said relationships are by far the biggest and most important factor in happiness.

Can't remember during what question/answer he gave these factiods but I wrote them down.

A nice short but interesting audio and I am coming to really love Melli she's so easy to like! Very nice and low-key and authentic. 

Tomorrow's interview is apparently one with more tips on using technology mindfully.. ie how to live in this age of intense technological advancements and not lose your mind to it all... sounds good...

Love, Mrs D xxx

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