Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ruby Ruby Ruby...

Wow Ruby Wax! Loved her book. Loved her interview with Melli for Day 9 of the Mindfulness Summit.

She's so brilliant and funny and supremely self-conscious and awkward at the same time. She is brutally honest about her struggles and wears her vulnerability all over her face - it's quite endearing. She also has quite a staccato way of talking that feels quite edgy like she's about to lose her train of thought - yet she never does. I loved this interview. Quite short today (just 33 mins) which was a relief as I find the hour long ones quite a big time commitment but I'm going to try and stay on track - even over the next week when I'm away on holiday with the family. But we'll have to see how that goes. Might not manage to keep up in which case I'll take a break for a week and revisit the ones I missed after the whole summit is finished (will buy and all-access pass if I have to).

ANYWAY - Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

She suffers (or has suffered) from crippling depression in the past and says that mindfulness helps immensely. She describes those moments of quiet contemplation not 'I give up' but rather 'I'm pulling down the cortisol (red zone) so I can win the game when I come back in.'

I think for her stopping and being still has always been an issue... so learning how to be still has been immensely powerful and beneficial for her mental health.

In fact she said that she has been depression-free for 7 years.. then it came back just recently.. it dawned on her what was occurring inside her brain .. but rather than do her usual thing to cope (which used to be just get fucking busy, say yes to everything, go to every single event possible, busy, busy, busy don't have to think about what's going on...) this time she did the opposite. She CANCELLED everything, went on a retreat and stopped and focused on her inner world. Slowly she pulled the shutters up and the light came on again.

Mindfulness stopped her depression.

The fact that she is open about this, can articulate this and is proof that this works is GOLD.

Go Ruby!!!!!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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