Sunday, October 25, 2015

Super Star Dan Goleman!!

I was very looking forward to this one because Dan Goleman is a bit of a superstar to my mind. I'm sure I've quoted him in more than one essay. His work on Emotional Intelligence is so interesting.

It was a short interview with Melli (less than 30 minutes) which is no surprise because he is so busy!

He was reassuring about feeling that you are failing at meditation because you notice how busy your mind is and how impossible it is to quiet your thoughts. He said that noticing how busy your mind is actually actually succeeding at the first step which is to notice how busy your mind is...! So keep going...

He also said "Attention is muscle of the mind and every time you notice your mind wandering and bring it back you are strengthening that muscle".

And "Multi-tasking is a myth. When you switch from one thing to another you lose focus and have to put extra effort in to get back to where you were in focussing on that thing before."

And then this which I found interesting from an addiction perspective..

"Habit itself is implemented through an unconscious part of the brain, so in order to change it at all we have to bring it into awareness and that's the power of mindfulness.. bringing the habit out of the unconscious into space in the mind where we can work with it. Mindfulness lets us be more intentional about what we do, whatever we are doing, because we realise when we are not paying attention and when we are. And that is fundamental."

I mindlessly drank wine for 20+ years. And then I slowly bought my wine drinking habit to the foreground of my brain so that I could focus on it and change that habit. Without that focus on the problem I wouldn't have changed it.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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