Monday, October 19, 2015

Tiny Buddha

Lori Deschene the founder of the website Tiny Buddha was today's speaker on the Mindfulness Summit.. what a little powerhouse of a woman! She was cute and chatty and awesome.

She described herself as an over-thinker who is overly sensitive and said mindfulness has really unlocked her life for her in that she is no longer desperately worried about what people think of her or  desperately trying to control every little thing all the time. She said 'being able to catch my thoughts before they take hold and control what emotional reaction I have to them ha been very powerful'. She described mindfulness as 'just being' (as opposed to trying to control or reaching etc I suppose..).

It sounded to me like she does lots of informal mindfulness practices rather than formal (long sitting meditations).. so lots of mindful walking being aware of her body and nature, and also mindful eating (I think this is going to be key for me - it's actually bloody hard to always focus on your eating when you are eating! Try it!).

Another quote from her that she finds helpful is "I am not my thoughts and they can hurt me if I always believe them" ... and "this moment will never come again". She talked about the power of looking at what is unique in every moment because even though we often think of regular things are boring or repetitive there is often subtle differences that make the moment unique and interesting.

Melli also asked her for helpful tips regarding the use of technology... these were good..

* Not always having your device on or by you in the house. Leave it in another room at times. You don't have to reply instantly.

* 'Experience now, share later'. Yes share something if you like (on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) but do it after the event so you are fully experiencing the event itself.. also because once you share something you often want to check back for likes/comments etc and that is just further taking you away from the experience. This will be a good one for me!

* Watch your intention when online. If you have 'drifted' away from your original intention ('I'm going to research a recipe') be aware and stop!

Think this is the highlights. It was shortish today (just 25 mins) but I really liked this lady!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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