Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mindful me!

Just because I am not updating here does NOT mean that I am not working on my mindfulness practice! I am!

I am having many, many informal mindful moments throughout my days. Regularly reminding myself to pull away from my thoughts and back into the present moment - look at the things around me, listen to the sounds. I'm much, much better at 'observing' my thoughts and not getting lost in them. Finally I am really adopting the 'I am not my thoughts' attitude, it's liberating!!

So so freeing! I feel like it's the magic ticket to managing life and our busy human brains. I have been trying to tell some people around me - who I know struggle with depression or get stuck in negative thinking loops - about mindfulness and how to try to break away from the over-thinking cycles. It sounds so easy but to REMEMBER to do it is half the battle.

But I'm telling you. The more you do it the easier it becomes. It's like exercising a muscle, and if you practice, practice, practice pulling away from your thoughts and into the moment (using the breath or your body as a simple grounding mechanism or anything that you can see or hear around you) it gets easier and easier to do.

I have also done a few more 'formal' meditations where I have sat at closed my eyes and really focused on what was inside.. observing thoughts, bringing the focus back to the breath. I did these when I was dealing with some tricky stuff and felt I needed a more formal reminder of not getting lost in my thoughts.

So I feel like I'm doing ok on my 'Going Within' practice.

Love, Mrs D xxx

P.S. Got a lovely email from this woman who sent me a link to her free e-booklet which I recommend reading, it has some great tips in it (and she's about to be published on Tiny Buddha!).

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