Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back into it...

I just went on the message board at the Chopra Centre and asked why my Journal pages are no longer visible on my App for this 21-Day Meditation Experience. We shall see if they answer me!

Have just laid on the bed and listened to Day 15. It was good and I'm pleased I'm back into doing it properly again now.

I am going through something tricky at the moment and there is NO DOUBT that their teachings on gratitude and grace are having a fundamental impact on how I am handling things. So this was meant to come into my life at this time. (Even though my mind still wanders when they play their music and leave me to it!)

Today's music had the night-time sound of crickets (?) in the background and I kept visualising myself sitting quietly by a lake at night. It was calming and lovely.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Monday, July 27, 2015

I've been a bad bad girl....

... and the worst thing is, Oprah and Deepak know it!!! I got an email from the Chopra Centre that says 'Lotta - We've missed meditating with you over the last few days of Manifesting Grace through Gratitude! We encourage you to re-join us on this life-changing journey."

Truth is I just stopped! Not sure why. Just stopped. Would like to say I'm keeping to it perfectly but this is my life, not a perfect life, and I just stopped.

Whoops. So I am catching up by listening to 5 in a row while I sit here at the computer working.

Whoops again.. probably not the best way to be focusing on the teachings and then spending a good 15 minutes meditating and reflecting on the teachings. Instead I am doing 5 things while listening to their meditation music (watching a YouTube video, writing this post, emailing, uploading another video and keeping an eye on the Members Feed at Living Sober)

But I bet I'm not the only person to lose momentum and I never shy away from the truth. Nor am I beating myself up. It is what it is.

I don't want to stop altogether though ... so after I've played catch up today I will endeavour to pick back up and do one a day properly. I'm a bit worried though because things have gone rather odd within their App on my iPad and none of the Journal's are available and all the audios are available right back to the start - they had disappeared before.

Have to say that although these guys are clearly really on top of their game ... from a user perspective it's all a bit controlled .. unlike Tara who just puts things up on her website constantly for free. Quite a difference in approach.

But it is what it is and I am not complaining. Rather I am GRACEFULLY feeling GRATITUDE for their teachings.... (ha ha.. see how their input is rubbing off).

Hopefully I will be back to blogging daily after today about how I am getting on in the last week of this free challenge.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The ability to change your brain!

Week two of this three week (21-day) experience has begun and Oprah and Deepak are busy telling me that you can actually bring about a fundamental shift in your brainwaves if you practice gratitude.

Today's 'Centering Thought' was 'Every thankful moment makes me healthier'. I like that concept.. that every time you practice a little bit of gratitude or make yourself think positively or thankfully it has a teeny tiny influence on your state of health. Mental health I presume that is. Maybe physical health as well?

I like Oprah's introduction, I like Deepak's teachings, and I quite like the music bit to meditate to but I have to be honest my head was doing little 'bounces' because I am so tired I think I was almost falling asleep!!

But I tried to stick to the mantra which today was 'Shara Vana Ya' which means 'My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe'. Which sounds a bit namby pamby to me but there it is.

Mantras are new to me - I haven't used them before - and they are kinda helpful to keep you focused.

I can see that.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Meeting obstacles with grace

So this morning I got back into bed after Mr D and the kids left the house for work/school (!!yes!! I got back into bed!!!) and listened to the Day 7 audio from Deepak and Oprah.

Ok I am growing to love these people. Just like I grew to love Tara and Mark Williams. How can you not love someone who is getting inside your grey matter in such a beautiful, caring, wise and oh so very helpful way....?

Some really good stuff today about dealing with obstacles and resistance, about connecting with gratitude and having it shift our understanding of what obstacles might be saying to us.

Oprah said in her intro:"When you feel struggle - pause. Try to take a step back and give yourself a moments time to find your centre. That struggle is a gift, a whisper. It is your graceful true self tapping you on the shoulder a little bit, trying to remind you ever so gently to look again. Because you always get to choose. Do you react to an obstacle as a negative, or do you embrace it as an opportunity to respond with the open hearted knowledge that all will be well."

"When you meet obstacles with gratitude your perception starts to shift, resistance loses it's power and grace finds a home within you."

Oh I want to be a calm and centred graceful being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been lately. I have had an obstacle and I have not approached it with grace (it is a hard situation). Please let me find the wisdom to respond with open hearted knowledge.

- As an aside just a note that Oprah and Deepak know what they are doing in a professional/commercial sense. I have just noticed that the early days of this free meditation experience are no longer available. And my journal entries from all previous days are no longer available. So that is a bummer. I suppose with these free ones they limit what you can keep. I'm sure by the end of this free experience I'll be paying for some permanent material to listen to!

Love, Mrs D xxx

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A long time meditating..

I've just realised that these Oprah and Deepak meditations are the longest ones I've ever done - in terms of being 'left alone' with background music to meditate. Tara talks to me and so did Mark Williams mostly .. but these guys give me a good 15 mins of just music and the sound of my own thoughts.

Honestly, I get completely lost inside my mind, either I'm drifting off to sleep or I go to a very happy serene place because I almost 'come to' when the bell dings at the end.

They're good though, I am growing to really appreciate Deepak's teachings. And I like that the focus of this 21-day Experience is gratitude and grace. Such fundamental and interesting concepts. Who doesn't want to be graceful in how they carry themselves?

I do!

Love, Mrs D xxx

Quick post...

Just to say I did the audio yesterday from Oprah and Deepak's 21-day-challenge. I managed to grab 20 minutes in the middle of the day (we were hosting 5 9-year-old boys for a sleepover party, this was no mean feat) and almost nodded off during the meditation part!

It's good though, it's the fact that you are doing it more than how you are doing it I think. The only way to slow your mind down is to actually try to do it. I mean, it seems quite simple yet radical to find 20 minutes in each day to sit quietly with your eyes shut and contemplate your mind.

I am growing to like Deepak and Oprah's vibe.. it's taken a while (I am very into the Mark Williams ones and of course Tara) but these dudes are also good.

It's all so bloody good - I mean what is not to like about attempting to turn your brain towards a calmer positive mindset.

Also - I am really enjoying the journal questions that Oprah and Deepak are having me fill in after each day's audio. They are thought provoking and interesting.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Friday, July 17, 2015

Late night meditation..

I just did my Day 4 audio, it's 9pm and I've been up since 5.20am (thanks to our puppy) so I nearly fell asleep! Didn't help that I was lying on the bed.

But we've been busy all day - I seriously have not had a moment to myself - and just had friends for dinner and they only just left.

I did it. My mind wandered and I still find their music to meditate to (which today also had the sound of running water beneath it) a bit odd and off-putting, but I am sure I'll get used to it.

It was good though and I am proud of myself for keeping on with it, even on a day like today when I am knackered....

Love, Mrs D xxx

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I am gladdening my heart..

.. that is today's Centering Thought from Deepak and Oprah. This isn't Mrs D speak - I don't go around saying things like 'I am gladdening my heart'! But I did just before as guided by the Chopra Centre gurus when lying on my bed listening to their Day 3 audios (here).

I got interrupted twice today - once by Mr D coming in to get his phone and once by my youngest son wanting the iPad, very annoying! - so I will have to lock the door or at least make it very clear that I cannot be interrupted for 20 minutes. It's school holidays and Mr D has a few days off so the house is busy.

I really appreciate the time out!

I am quite enjoying this experience so far. I appreciate the messages they are giving me, their introductions are lovely but short, but the time left to meditate myself (with their music playing) is long and my mind is wandering A LOT.

But it is what it is and good on me for giving it a go.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All good things bring gratitude...

... that's the 'Centering Thought' from Day Two of the Oprah and Deepak FREE 21-day experience I am doing (here on their website).

Just lay on the bed and listened to the Day Two audio. It followed the same format as yesterdays - an introduction from Oprah then a bit of a talk from Deepak and then the opportunity to meditate with music playing.

He gave me a mantra to repeat over while I was meditating to their music. It was 'Kripa Hum' which stands for 'I am divine grace'. My mind wandered and I forgot the mantra half way through but I'm not going to beat myself up about that.

I've been dealing with something rather major recently which has been occupying my thoughts HUGELY, and I found it creeping in again while I was meditating. But I tried not to worry about it and see the thoughts like clouds passing by... I was thinking 'oh there's a big cloud of thoughts about that same shitty thing again'.. that is good awareness, no?

It was a good exercise overall - I did get interrupted by a child half way through 'Mum can you ....' I said firmly 'Go talk to Dad and leave me alone - NOW!'... !

And at the end I filled in the journal part of the exercise and that was really useful and lovely.

It's all good.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When I am grateful, I find my grace

Day One of the Deepak Chopra (and Oprah) free 21-day experience which is called 'Manifesting Grace through Gratitude'.

I was worried this wasn't going to work, I'd signed up on their website (here) and had registered for the free 21-day experience, and I'd also downloaded their App to my iPad, but there were no audios in the 'Free Experience' page on the app yesterday when it was supposed to start. I was getting emails from them but no audio to be seen!

However I think because NZ is ahead of the States time-wise it was delayed .. and today the first audio arrived! Happy days!!

So I just listened to the audio. There was an introduction from Oprah and then Deepak spoke about gratitude and grace and then he left us with a mantra - Dhanya Vad meaning 'I feel gratitude' - to repeat over in our minds as we breathed deeply and listened to their soft music. Then he rang a bell and had a few more words before signing off.

Total 21 minutes! It was lovely. I have to be honest I found their music a bit off-putting while I was being left to meditate but I will no doubt get used to it and I'm sure they know what they're doing in leaving it there.

And lo! I have just found attached to today's audio a page called 'Journal' in which they prompted me to write answers to the following questions 'Write in your journal what grace means to you', 'Make a list of the people in your life you are most grateful for', 'Now, list one specific thing about each of those people that you are thankful for' and finally 'Use this space to reflect further on your experience today'.

I love all of this!! So they are really leading me through this 21-day experience, it's almost like a course. I'm totally 100% into it and recommend anyone who wants to come along for the ride.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sprung again...

Sprung again. Think I'm going to have to revisit my meditations-in-the-car-while-waiting-to-pick-up-my-boys-from-school plan. This time it was a friend rapping on my passenger door window and then jumping in to have a chat with me. I hastily paused Tara's guided meditation, felt a bit silly! And bummed out as I'd managed to give myself 20 mins to listen to a nice long podcast. Oh well.. a chat with a friend is always a nice thing to do anyway...

Maybe I should do them just before I leave home for school. Why wouldn't that work? I'll give that a go. Mornings are too difficult as the puppy and kids wake me up around 6am.. and at night I am just too tired.

I do want to continue because I am sure this mindfulness work is definitely helping build my mental resilience. I am dealing with a tricky work thing right now and while I'm mentally preoccupied about it I'm not feeling as wound up as I normally would be. I'm very aware of my thoughts and that they are mental events. I'm not getting lost in them too much. I'm doing ok.

Listened to this Tara talk the other day to help me with this situation and it was really really good. At the end I was sobbing and felt so calm. She helped guide me to the wise place inside of me. I highly recommend it as a good one when there is a particular tricky situation looming.

Oprah and Deepak are offering a free 21-day meditation experience through their website here, I've signed up and am going to do it! Will blog about it daily here.

Love, Mrs D xxx